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The Ugly Botty Wrap-Up

Ugly BottyWhat a pity that “Ugly Betty” is airing its last episode–the bots have really become devoted fans.  In this picture, Chistery, Hermey, Scottie Scottie Robottie, Tarry Pin, Minimus, Marvin, and the Duchess watch their Fobot brothers and sisters in the March 10 episode.  Can you see them?  They’re the specks in the background behind Botty.  Betty.  Whatever. 

Yes, we were all a little disappointed that the Fobots didn’t have speaking parts.  Or closeups.  Or mention in the credits.  But you know what?  We had a really good time visiting the studio, and are proud to have been a part of TV history before the show ended.

BTW, doesn’t Betty look like she’s about to say, “What are YOU looking at, freaks?!”


Ugly Betty Robots

I have reason to believe that the predicted Wednesday, March 10 air date for the episode of Ugly Betty featuring the Fobots is accurate.  No one has informed me otherwise, and a synopsis of next week’s episode said something about Betty dating a fireman.  And since the last new episode–the one they were wrapping up when I visited–had Betty’s family home on fire, I’m thinking there may be a link. 

But I don’t think I’m getting any kind of mention in the closing credits.  Hence, the lame title for this post.  You see, I figure if someone sees the bots on the show and wants to learn about them, and there’s no credit at the end, what are they likely to do?  Google, of course!  And what are they likely to Google?  My money’s on “Ugly Betty Robots”.  Of course, if you can think of something different, please let me know, and I’ll add it as a tag.  In the meantime, here’s a photo that one of the crew members snapped for me.  Enjoy.


The Ugly Botty Experience

The "Tube"--Future Fobot Runway

The Miss Robotica Pageant

Wednesday, March 10, at 10pm. That is the tentative date for the episode of Ugly Betty starring the Fobots. I know that’s what you really wanted to find out, so I’m putting it right out front for you. Now, if you want to hear the details…

Rich Devine, head set decorator, and Ilana Gordon, set decoration coordinator, met me in the parking lot of Silvercup Studios East and helped carry in three trunks full of bots. And then…FOBOT BEAUTY PAGEANT!  They needed 14 bots and I’d brought up 26, so after a grueling swimsuit competition and a surprisingly competitive talent show, the winners were announced and the losers sent packing. 

Afterwards, Rich took me on an amazing behind the scenes tour of the “Ugly Betty” set.  If I’d stopped to think about it, I probably wouldn’t have been so surprised at the jaw-dropping immensity of the set. I mean, the “Mode” offices are huge, and all of the main characters have their own homes as well, and there they all were, under one ginormous roof. I don’t want to give too much away, but on one part of the set, some guys were doing a very convincing and painstaking job of making some furniture–I won’t say whose–look like it had been destroyed by fire. I commented that it would probably be easier to just torch it for real, but was assured that this was quicker than getting the appropriate permits to light up in New York. Some actual filming was going on in the office set, but I couldn’t see who or what it was about–just lots of bright lights and about 20 people standing around and waiting. And waiting. Probably not a coincidence that most actors start out as waiters. I tried to take a lot of pictures with my phone, like the small-town geek girl that I am, but the lights were pretty dim except for the shooting area, so they mostly came out blurry.

And then, before I knew it, the tour was over, I was in the art department signing some papers, and on the way home to my puppies. But Rich, Ilana, Pamela, and all the people I met just couldn’t have been any nicer, and I think I can safely say now that it’s not a scam. Because, to build such an elaborate set and then hire dozens of people to impersonate cast and crew just to con me out of 14 robots—well, that would just be silly.  Even if they are REALLY good robots.


Ugly Botty Update

It’s been a busy few weeks here at FOBOT World Headquarters, filling Christmas orders, avoiding holiday decorating, and breathing HUGE sighs of relief that the “Ugly Betty” set decoration team has postponed my trip to New York.  Turns out, had I delivered the bots this week, they’d fulfill their destiny as background extras for a day or two, then be left alone on the set for three weeks worth of Christmas hiatus.  And the crew was no doubt worried that the bots would trash the place in their absence.  We’ll  now be driving them up the weekend of January 10,  so yes, it’s definitely a “GO”, or at least, a “GO Later”. 

Of course, there was another moment of panic last week when a staff member requested that I not bring any bots that had brand names on them.  Good grief, have they seen these things?  They ALL have brand names on them!  Fortunately, after sending them photos of the bots in question, which were then forwarded to their legal department, it was determined that defunct brand names 50-100 years old were not an imminent threat to Disney’s advertising revenue.  Crisis averted.

So to celebrate, I’m including a picture of a Fobot created especially for the “Ugly Betty” shoot.  Her name is, of course,  “Ugly Botty”, and she is composed of a Riley’s toffee tin, opera glasses, clock gears, wrenches, and valve springs.  And like her TV namesake, she has a heart of gold, an optimistic, angelic appearance, and geeky glasses.  Sorry, couldn’t work in the braces.


Are You Sitting Down?

No, seriously–are you sitting down?  Find a chair.  I’ll wait.

OK, you are not going to freaking believe this.  I know I didn’t believe it when I first got the email from the assistant set decorator of “Ugly Betty”, asking if they could use some of the Fobots for set decoration.  Yes, that’s right, the Fobots are gonna be on the TV!   Here’s what happened…

As many of you may know, several of my robots were featured in the November “Anthropologie” catalog.  Apparently, they caught the eye of the set decoration team for “Ugly Betty”, who emailed to ask if they could rent some for one episode, to line the shelves of “The Tube” (see picture).  But shortly after the initial excitement, the doubts took over.  No way, I thought–someone is messing with me.  My friends, knowing how much I like this show, are pulling my leg, or worse–someone is trying to get me to send them a bunch of Fobots for free by claiming to be connected to Ugly Betty.  But if this is a scam, it’s INCREDIBLY well-organized, with phone numbers, tax forms, releases and everything. 

So, some time in December, I’ll be driving up to the studios in New York where Ugly Betty is filmed, and delivering the bots in person.  They’re going to be stars–or at least background extras.  Soon they’ll be demanding their own trailer, final script approval, and bowls of mixed nuts and bolts with all the 1/4-20 nuts picked out…

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