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Fobots for Haiti

No, we’re not planning on sending any bots to Haiti.  As much as I’m sure the people of Haiti could use a smile about now, I think cash would be easier to send.  And probably more useful.  Here’s the scoop:

Like many of you, I’ve been thinking about what I could do to help the vicitms of the earthquake rebuild.  The obvious answer; build a robot, auction it off to you, my loyal Fobot fans, and give the money to Haitian relief.   I’ve chosen Stop Hunger Now*, a Raleigh based international organization that distributes food and life-saving aid around the world.   But what to build? 

It all started with that head–a battery tester–that just reminded me of a duck.  Add the curl of a car lock spring on its head, and there was a baby duck.  Then add our predisposition for bad puns, and voila!   Baby Duck Duvalier, named in honor–better make that dishonor–of the deposed Haitian dictator Baby Doc Duvalier.  He stands 12.5″ tall, and is cute as a button. 

So let’s start the bidding at $200.  If you’d like to provide food, medical supplies, and hope to the people of Haiti, AND take home a very special Fobot, email me at with your bid, or comment on this post.  I’ll update this post whenever there’s a new bid, and we’ll keep this bidding open until midnight EDT on Tuesday, March 23, the evening we return from the Winter Park Art Festival.   So please don’t let me down, fans.   I’m having nightmares already that no one will bid, and it will be high school dance time all over again.  A nightmare that pales in comparison to the situation in Port-au-Prince.

*Go to  for more info.

Update: January 29–we have a bid for $300!  I am unbelievably relieved that this will not be every high school dance I was ever forced to attend, revisited.  Suzanne Byrd, you are a goddess.  Do I hear $325?

Update: February 17–while on the road in Miami (see latest post), I am delighted to report that we had not one, but TWO bids!  Thank you Lorri, for your bid of $325, but “Big Dave” is now in the lead with $350.  Woohoo!  I feel like prom queen!  Not that I was invited to my prom…

Update: March 3–Thanks to Michael from Boston, the bidding is now at $375. 

And one point I’d like to clarify; if the winning bidder would like to write a check to “Stop Hunger Now” and take the tax deduction, that’s fine by me.  Although I can hear my tax guy screaming at me (and really, when ISN’T he screaming at me?), the important thing is that Haiti gets the money.  So think of it as making a generous donation to a worthy cause, and geting a free Fobot, too!

Update: Monday, March 22, 9:30 pm EDT— Bidding is still at $375, but an interesting question came up.  Is “Tuesday at midnight” when Monday turns into Tuesday, or when Tuesday rolls over into Wednesday?  For the sake of this auction, it’s the latter.  SO–as of the time I’m writing this, you have another 26 and a half hours to bid.

March 24:  We have a winner!  But first, my apologies for not staying awake long enough to monitor the last minute bidding.  I’ll be posting about our trip to the Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival later today–suffice it to say that my plans to stay awake until midnight last night were unrealistic, considering how utterly exhausted we were upon our return.  And now, the winner is…Laura Gelber, with a winning bid of $400.  Ms. Gelber, I will be contacting you later to arrange for the shipping of little “Baby Duck”.  My profound thanks to everyone who bid.


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