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Another Star is Born

Remember a few years ago when a bunch of Fobots were part of the set dressing for the TV show, “Ugly Betty”?  Well, it’s happened again!

While we were exhibiting at the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival in Reston two weeks ago, a woman who works for ESPN stopped by the booth. Being somewhat ill-informed when it comes to anything athletic, I assumed when she said “Pardon the Interruption” that she was apologizing for cutting short a conversation I was having with an old friend, Roger Bridges. But no, she wanted to know if she could borrow a Fobot for the set of this ESPN news/talk/opinion show featuring Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. After doing a little research to determine that this wasn’t a scam–yeah, I’m suspicious like that–I agreed.

So here he is, the latest bot to achieve TV stardom. His name is “Droid Hobbs” (baseball movie reference, let me know if you get it) and he is composed of a camera, baseball, phone ringer bell, sash lock, wrenches, hose fittings, and a watch movement. And if you peek through the top lens of the camera, you can see his heart inside. He just arrived there this afternoon, and Bonnie (that’s the nice lady that “discovered” him) says he’ll be on the “Pardon the Interruption” set tonight, and he’ll be there until I send a new one–probably at the end of baseball season. It’s on here at 5:30pm, if you want to see him in action.  Or inaction, as the case may be. He doesn’t move much.
Droid Hobbs

UPDATE: “Droid” made his TV debut the same day he arrived at ESPN, and he’ll be there until the end of baseball season. Here he is with Tony Kornheiser.  Droid is the one on the right.

Tony and Droid


2010 Fobot Sale

My apologies for not posting this sooner, but–ahem–THE 2010 FOBOT SALE HAS BEGUN!  Today at noon, actually, but you already knew that, didn’t you?  Yes, sales have been brisk today, but there are plenty of good ones still left.  Including this one.

People are always asking me at shows, “Do you ever have bots that you can’t stand to sell?”  I always say no, I have their pictures to keep me company.  And that my favorite quote is “Art isn’t art until it’s sold.  Until then, it’s an obsession and a storage problem.”  Until this guy came along.  “Acrobot” is his name, he stands 18 ” tall, and he’s made of an oil can, pool ball, sash lock, erector set girders, wrenches, pulleys, buttonhole attachments, candy mold, and I have no idea what that hat thing is.  You do NOT want to know how expensive he is.  Let’s just say that first you have to make a unicycle, and then you make a Fobot exactly the right size to ride it, and that takes a while.  If you want to see him and the other bots participating in the annual sale, go to and look in the “Gallery of Available Fobots”.  Don’t buy this one, though.  I love him. Obsession, storage problem…OK, maybe.

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