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New Bots in 3…2…1…

2017salegroupJust a reminder that the Fobot Store will be reopening at 3pm Eastern Time today, November 11. This year we have 127 Fobots available (well, 136 if you include the ones sold in sets, including TWO Wizard of Oz quartets)! Not to mention 19 babybots, and the new 2018 Fobot calendar. So many, in fact, that they won’t all, at first, fit on the front page of the website. So you’ll want to click on one of the “Categories” buttons on the right side of the page to see them all. A few other things you should know:

–There’s a coupon code FABOO for 10% off all Fobot purchases (does not apply to Babybots or calendars).

–My shopping cart website no longer allows buyers to “hold” items in their cart. So, Fobots won’t be considered sold until payment has gone through.

–Bots have been arranged alphabetically, to help you find them more easily if you’ve already made your shopping list by perusing the Facebook Fobot Preview Album, which now has everything listed.
–I would prefer not to ship out of the USA and Canada, but if you have a compelling case, let me know. PayPal will not calculate foreign shipping costs, so be aware that postage and customs can be a huge additional expense.
–Items ordered today will ship out on Monday or Tuesday. I will refund extra shipping costs if you place more than one order and they can be combined. And do consider having them shipped to a business address or FedEx Office for pickup, so they won’t be sitting on your doorstep all day. If you’d like someone to sign for your package (pretty much guaranteeing you won’t be home, right?), let me know at . Packages over $750 must be signed for.


–And don’t forget–if the one you had your heart set on is sold before you can get to it, just contact me, and I’ll see if I can make you something similar. Thanks, and enjoy!

2013 Calendar–It’s almost Here!

It’s just about time for another hilarious glimpse into the secret lives of the Fobots!  The 2013 calendars have arrived from the printer, and will be available at my new shopping site, (or through a link on the website) starting on Sunday, November 18, at 3pm EST. Here’s a sneak preview of Mr. January. They’re still $14.95 + shipping, and just in time for Christmas. What better way to own 12 Fobots?


Calendar Giveaway

6a00d8341d829653ef0128756dd7b9970c-500piOK, if you haven’t seen the magazine “Where Women Create” because you don’t live close enough to a Barnes & Noble or a Borders (and where would that be ?  #%&**@ Point Barrow Alaska?), you have options.  For example, there’s the easily accessible “Where Women Create” blog at  I bring this up because they’re giving away a free, signed Fobot calendar to a random reader who posts a comment on the blog before Wednesday, November 18 at midnight MST.  You can do this.  I know you have a computer.

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