Schedule Change–Sorry, Cottonwood

To anyone in the Dallas TX area who was planning on visiting us at the Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson TX–we’re so sorry, but we’ve had to withdraw from the show. Sales at Fiesta San Antonio this last weekend were just too good.  And even though the last day of the Main St. Ft. Worth Arts Festival was canceled due to a threat of nasty weather, it was still good enough to place it second on our list of best shows ever.  Second only to Main St. LAST year.

The good news is, we won awards (!) at both Ft. Worth and San Antonio this year, so we’ll be able to return to both next year without having to jury in.  The Fiesta Art Fair in San Antonio was probably the most enjoyable show we’ve ever done.  The atmosphere was joyous–everyone in SA comes out for Fiesta, wearing huge crazy hats and covered in commemorative medals. Our booth was inside the chapel of a former convent at the Southwest School of Art–the most beautiful setting ever, and you KNOW how much I like being indoors at these shows, safe from Mother Nature’s whims. I really should gave taken more pictures, but here are a few. If Fiesta and Main St. are on the same weekend next year, I’m just going to have to clone myself.
photo 4photo 3
photo 2 photo 1

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April 2014

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