Bigger, Badder, and…Bigger!

Hallelujah!  The FOBOT 2011 calendar is here!  Well, almost here–it’s en route from the printer, and should be arriving November 3.  Just in time for our annual online sale, beginning November 1!  Of course, I wanted to have the calendars done by the first, but with all of Phil’s health concerns, I’m just happy I finished before 2012.  Phil, by the way, is doing fine, the MRSA is healing nicely (still gross, but healing), and surgery for the kidney tumor is scheduled for November 19.  Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

But now, back to the calendar.  New for this year, I’ve created a wall calendar for you–a whopping 8.5″ x 22″ in size (well, whopping compared to the previous two desk calendars).  More room to write, and full of the delicious glimpses into the secret lives of Fobots that we’ve all groan to love.  And no, “groan” is not a typo. Read about the robot devil’s ex-wife, Hell Mary, and the juicy details of her divorce settlement from Beelzebot!  Watch Cocoa Puff Daddy attempt to rap! And do we really need to tell you what great stocking stuffers these would make? Only $14.95 + shipping.  Shipping is…well, I’ll get back to you.  I’m off to the Post Office to find out as soon as I’m done posting this.  Look for it on the opening page of http://www.ifobot.com on Monday, along with a handy Paypal shopping cart that handles payments securely.  Or, if you’re low-tech, you can send me a check.  Of course, if you’re REALLY low tech, how are you even reading this?

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