What the %$@&!?!?

OK, you know how a few posts ago I threatened to title the entry “What the %$@&!?” 
Well, What the %$@&!?, What the %$@&!?,  What the %$@&!?

Let me explain.  I was expressing some justifiable concern that the weather gods were angry with us, and were punishing us with freaky, tent-crushing storms.  I’d rather you not mention this to the other artists on the art fair circuit, because it’s happened again, and I don’t want anyone getting the idea that we’re bad luck and driving us out of festival sites with pitchforks and flaming torches. 

Actually, we had a very good show, but once again, Mother Nature proved how much she hates artists. Or maybe just their little white tents. The bitch…Strong thunderstorms both Friday AND Saturday nights wiped out several artists each night. For the first time ever, our tent actually moved–slid a few inches south during the first storm, and a few feet during the second. This is a 200+ pound tent, with 48 pounds of weight on each corner.  No damage, but when my cell phone rang at 6am Sunday morning and the voice on the other end said it was the show director, you better believe my heart stopped beating.  Until he said the tent looked fine, but had moved 3 feet.  Easily fixed, and we’ve taken steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.   But it was really wonderful to see artists come together to help each other out. A photographer across from us, whose work I very much admire, arrived Sunday morning to find the top of his tent inverted and full of water. Had to cut a slit in the canopy to let it drain. Poles were broken as well, but everyone rallied, helped get it back up, and even found some spare poles for him–he was back in business by 10. I LOVE this community.

And since I’m tired of posting pictures of mangled tents, I’m including a shot of one of the nicest aspects of our stay in Des Moines.  A huge national track meet was happening in Des Moines the same weekend as the show.  And since hotel rooms were at a premium, the show organizers put out the word to their patrons, asking them to house a visiting artist if they could.  Boy, did we hit the jackpot.  We stayed in a gorgeous house, owned by friendly, interesting, and generous art collectors and THE BIGGEST DOG WE HAVE EVER SEEN.  Here’s a picture of me with Lucca, 180 pounds of pure mastiff puppy lovin’.  His head is bigger than Mongo, and when the slobber starts, you better head for higher ground.  My profound thanks to Pat McFarland and Jim Carney for letting us stay, and sharing their wonderful home–and dog–with us.

Now–on to Denver.  Where it better not snow…

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