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Have You Seen These Robots?

Have you seen these robots?  Did you get one of them for Christmas?  If so, your friend/relative/Secret Santa may be a thief.  Here’s the scoop:

Our first errant Fobot is “Damn Yankee”.  He stands 11.5″ tall, and was last seen at Accipiter Gallery in Raleigh’s Cameron Village.  He disappeared a few weeks ago, without first stopping by the cash register to say goodbye.  Not cool, people.

“Georgy Porgy’s” story is a little different.  He’s the one with the opera glasses head, and was supposed to have been delivered via FedEx Home Delivery on December 17 to an address in Houston Texas.  FedEx sent an email notifying that he had been delivered.  Which he may have been, but not to the address he was supposed to arrive at.  So either (a) the driver kept him, (b) he was delivered to the wrong address and THEY decided to keep him, or (c) someone stole him from the recipient’s porch–unlikely, as she was there all day, and no deliveries were made.

So, if you see these robots in someone’s home, let me know.  I may not be able to get them back, but at least, if the current “owners” know that they’re in possession of stolen bots, they won’t be able to display them openly and introduce them to their friends.  And really, if you can’t do that, what’s the point of having them?


Ugly Botty Update

It’s been a busy few weeks here at FOBOT World Headquarters, filling Christmas orders, avoiding holiday decorating, and breathing HUGE sighs of relief that the “Ugly Betty” set decoration team has postponed my trip to New York.  Turns out, had I delivered the bots this week, they’d fulfill their destiny as background extras for a day or two, then be left alone on the set for three weeks worth of Christmas hiatus.  And the crew was no doubt worried that the bots would trash the place in their absence.  We’ll  now be driving them up the weekend of January 10,  so yes, it’s definitely a “GO”, or at least, a “GO Later”. 

Of course, there was another moment of panic last week when a staff member requested that I not bring any bots that had brand names on them.  Good grief, have they seen these things?  They ALL have brand names on them!  Fortunately, after sending them photos of the bots in question, which were then forwarded to their legal department, it was determined that defunct brand names 50-100 years old were not an imminent threat to Disney’s advertising revenue.  Crisis averted.

So to celebrate, I’m including a picture of a Fobot created especially for the “Ugly Betty” shoot.  Her name is, of course,  “Ugly Botty”, and she is composed of a Riley’s toffee tin, opera glasses, clock gears, wrenches, and valve springs.  And like her TV namesake, she has a heart of gold, an optimistic, angelic appearance, and geeky glasses.  Sorry, couldn’t work in the braces.

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