bumblebotI apologize.  Y’all have been so nice about leaving comments, and I haven’t given you anything new to look at in weeks.  I envy those bloggers who can take the mundane details of everyday life and craft an interesting post out of them.  My life lately?  I wake up, I make robots, I go to sleep.  Glamorous, yeah, but not the stuff of which exciting posts are born.

So I propose to bring you…FOBOT OF THE WEEK!   Because I really have been busy– too busy to put new bots up on the website.  And because when I DO put them up, they just get sold!  Damn!  How am I going to accumulate  enough robots to bring to the St. Louis Art Fair if they get sold?  So these guys are our little secret–my hidden stash of especially cool bots that you’ll have to travel to Missouri to see.

First up is BumbleBot.  He’s 13″ tall, and is composed of a Baby Brownie camera, two wire whisks, a crystallized ginger tin, grease lines and hydraulic fittings.  And he can either stand on his little feet, or hang from above as if flying.  Every once in a while we run into these wire whisk/paddles at the flea market, and Phil begs me to get them because they look like wings.  I always resisted, because I was looking for angel wings, and they looked like, well, bee wings.  Bee wings.  Hmmmmmm. 

 I could have purchased two wings that matched, but I actually prefer things that are lopsided, imperfect, mismatched.  It reminds me of a saying I once heard–we like our friends because of their virtues, but we love them because of their flaws.  I love BumbleBot.

1 Response to “BumbleBot”

  1. July 18, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    That Bumble Bot is so cute! I love you creativity!

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