2009-04-05-element-misc-pics-129Meet the Fo-Bo-Mo-Bile.  Alternate post title: my butt is now where my head used to be.  Or: Honda Element–the Anti-Miata.

Here’s the real news.  While at BMAC, some of the other craftsmen there tried to persuade us that we really should try some retail craft fairs.  I resisted, as I believe I may be cursed–whenever I attend an outdoor fair, the weather ranges from arctic to sauna to cyclonic to “get the ark and start lining up animals”.  Sometimes all in the same weekend.  And I really didn’t want to be one of those poor souls praying for decent weather, just so they could sell a few pots or earrings or whatever to eek out a meager living.  Not to mention all the time spent driving to these shows.  I mean, some craftsmen do three or four shows a month–when do they have time to make stuff?  Nooooo thanks, I’ll just do the one wholesale show a year and sell the occasional bot from the website.

But a funny thing happened around day five of shipping the BMAC orders.  I started thinking, what if I could sell these to people who just walked away with them, no shipping involved?  And what if they gave me money right away, without having to wait 30+ days for a check?  And what if I got to keep that money, instead of basically splitting it with the retailer?

So I applied to the St. Louis Art Fair, one of the most notoriously difficult shows to get into.  I mean last year, they had around 1800 applicants for 139 slots.  No way are they going to let me in, right? 

Wrong.  We’re in.  Holy crap, what have I done?  I’m gonna need a bigger car.  See above.

1 Response to “Fo-Bo-Mo-bile”

  1. April 10, 2009 at 5:56 am

    Amy, that’s fantastic news. I reckon that with these economic times, money in a craftsperson’s pocket is so hard to get, and if you’ve been accepted for such a prestigious show, then you are going to wow! so many more people. Get making!!

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