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The Bravest Woman I know

green-in-bklyn-033Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be one of those gooey, heartwarming stories about overcoming cancer or climbing Mount Everest in a wheelchair or rescuing wheelchair-bound kittens with cancer from a burning Mount Everest.

When I made the decision to set aside a career in illustration for the chance to make absurd, useless art robots in a desperate economic climate, I was a snivelling weenie about it.  All I had to do was buy a bunch of crap and rent a booth for a few days at a trade show. And I still was totally freaked out that this was going to end in financial disaster.  Well, we all know how THAT turned out.

Last week I went to Brooklyn to attend the grand opening of “Green in BKLYN”, a shop green-in-bklyn-035selling “eco-friendly solutions for daily living”.  It has been the dream of my friend, Elissa Olin, to open a store that would sell the kind of products that she wants to buy, and to serve her community in the process.  She’s been doggedly pursuing this dream for the last year, and through a combination of vision, determination, and sheer stubbornness, has succeeded in opening the cutest store with the coolest products you can imagine.  I’d have given up twenty times over when faced with the hurdles she’s faced, but there we all were on Earth Day, drinking organic wine and eating Middle Eastern food and toasting the success of my brave, brave friend.  If you can, visit her at 432 Myrtle Ave. in Brooklyn, or check out her website at .

And yes, those are Fobots in the front window.  Well, they ARE recycled.


Like pregnancy, men, and cats

You know how, when you stop desperately caring about something, it comes to you?  Like people who get pregnant once they’ve filled out the adoption papers?  Or the way men just flock around you when you don’t want to have anything to do with them?  Or cats, in general?

Now that I’ve completely immersed myself in Fobots, and am no longer devoted to an illustration/licensing career hit hard by an ailing economy, the work is rolling in.  What gives?  Where were you last year when I was pulling my hair out?  OK, enough whining–look what’s happening.

bathing_beautyFirst, a company that does computerized embroidery designs has picked up the “DiVaVaVoom” ladies.  Love love LOVE the sample she sent of “Swimsuit Diva”.  Not available yet, but when they’re done, they’ll be found on .  Damn–since I don’t have an embroidery machine (or the space in my workshop for one) free download samples are of no use for me.  But they’re going to be pretty damn cool.

And then there’s Fisher Home Accents, who have created a whole tabletop line of plates, bowls, teapots, cups, etc., featuring the Pixie Chix. Yay!  Samples I can use–Christmas shopping done!  Here’s a sample of one of the plates.  Best thing about this deal (apart from samples)–I didn’t have to do ANYTHING.  A talented designer on their staff did all the mockups.

pixie-birthday1Also in the works–a gift bag company that wants a lot of designs for bags, a company that does hand-painted needlepoint canvas, and–cross your fingers–a very big manufacturer testing out the “DiVaVaVoom” ladies on a tabletop line.  Of course, I’ll believe it when I see it.  No, I’ll believe it when I sign the contracts.  No, I’ll believe it when the free samples arrive.



2009-04-05-element-misc-pics-129Meet the Fo-Bo-Mo-Bile.  Alternate post title: my butt is now where my head used to be.  Or: Honda Element–the Anti-Miata.

Here’s the real news.  While at BMAC, some of the other craftsmen there tried to persuade us that we really should try some retail craft fairs.  I resisted, as I believe I may be cursed–whenever I attend an outdoor fair, the weather ranges from arctic to sauna to cyclonic to “get the ark and start lining up animals”.  Sometimes all in the same weekend.  And I really didn’t want to be one of those poor souls praying for decent weather, just so they could sell a few pots or earrings or whatever to eek out a meager living.  Not to mention all the time spent driving to these shows.  I mean, some craftsmen do three or four shows a month–when do they have time to make stuff?  Nooooo thanks, I’ll just do the one wholesale show a year and sell the occasional bot from the website.

But a funny thing happened around day five of shipping the BMAC orders.  I started thinking, what if I could sell these to people who just walked away with them, no shipping involved?  And what if they gave me money right away, without having to wait 30+ days for a check?  And what if I got to keep that money, instead of basically splitting it with the retailer?

So I applied to the St. Louis Art Fair, one of the most notoriously difficult shows to get into.  I mean last year, they had around 1800 applicants for 139 slots.  No way are they going to let me in, right? 

Wrong.  We’re in.  Holy crap, what have I done?  I’m gonna need a bigger car.  See above.


please stand by…

…we have been experiencing technical difficulties.  To be more specific, if you’ve emailed us at any time in the last month, and haven’t gotten a response, please try again.  Funny story–it took weeks before I noticed that people I’d sent messages to hadn’t emailed me back.  And I thought either a) they were rude, busy, or forgetful, or b) nobody liked me.  That highschool baggage really sticks around, doesn’t it…

Turns out, my email address had SOMEHOW gotten on a list of known spammers, hackers, and virus spreaders.  And I was oh so grateful when my service provider figured out the problem and got me off the list.

Until I found out they were the ones who put me on it in the first place….

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