*@#% Macys, I wanna go to the flea market

fleamarket1I used to act in a lot of community theatre plays.  And the question I’d get, as inevitably as tornados in a trailer park, was “How do you memorize all those lines?”  Now that I make robots, the inevitable question is, “Where do you find all that junk?”

At the risk of revealing trade secrets and increasing my competition for the really good crap, I’m going to tell you.  Every Saturday morning that the weather is bearable (and sometimes when it’s not), the lovely and talented Phil and I head for the State Fairgrounds Flea Market in Raleigh.  No wait–first we go to the Waffle House, where they make hash browns the way god intended them– shredded, and then scattered, covered, smothered, chunked and capped– THEN we hit the flea market.2009-03-07-a300-misc-326

We missed it two weeks ago–BMAC, if you’ll recall–and last weekend the weather was abysmal.  So when this Saturday dawned warm, clear, and optimistically Spring-like, we were rarin’ to go.  We were not dissapointed…

Two cool old View-Masters–obvious Fobot heads–$10.  A pile of brass oil lamp parts, many of which look like little filagree crowns.  A couple of garden claws, a vintage camera, marbles, teaballs, a toy coffee pot, two glass bowl fuel filters, a toy xylophone that sounds terrible but looks faboo, brass stampings, three hose nozzles, a Mellomints tin, a little tail light, and gobs of miscellaneous hardware.  Heaven on earth.

So there’s my secret.  Oh, and the best day for you to go–Sunday.  Saturday’s MY day.

1 Response to “*@#% Macys, I wanna go to the flea market”

  1. March 21, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    this is the best title ever for a posting.

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