before and after

bmac-010bmac-008 Won’t bore you with the details of how we drove around downtown Philly in rush hour traffic for an hour trying to find the convention center loading dock amid a rat’s nest of one-way streets and dead ends. Or how I got so worried that we’d completely miss our move-in time and the 40 minutes we had to unload that I had to take half a Xanax to calm down. Or how I feel like my whole career has come down to the next four days.

No, we’re going to focus on the positive stuff. Namely, that the booth came together spectacularly. Here’s what it looked like when we (finally) got most of the stuff moved in, and then, several sweaty hours later. That table you see on the left has the base packed full of extra bots, and the columns are stuffed with tools and packing materials. The lights aren’t focused yet, but they look freakin’ amazing! And already we’ve had people saying that we’ve got the coolest booth and the coolest product in the show. So–it looks like we’ve got a date with destiny. And he’s ordered the lobster…

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  1. March 25, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    i made your etsy shop a favorite. i am already drooling over your fobots, but mostly i wanted to tell you how nice it was to read (and look at) all your posts about the PHilly show, preparing and setting up your booth, and your success at the show, as a new exhibitor. My brother had a booth at the Philly show one year. He makes boxes shaped like animals or people with animals heads. I love your robots. and the necklaces. da bomb, as my 20+something kids would say. I discovered your fobots from a comment on another flickr user’s robot photos (she also makes robots of salvaged items) and a link to your online gallery. Now that I have spent over an hour looking at all your stuff, I must get back to work! thanks for sharing your booth process with us. someday i might show up at the Philadelphia show.

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