Buyer’s Market of American Craft–Part 1

bmac-002Hi, kids! We’re here in Philadelphia! Well, not Philadelphia exactly. We’re 15 minutes away in Runnemede, NJ, where the hotels are cheap and the parking is free.
But I’m getting ahead of myself. Stayed up until 4am with final preparations for the show, then up at 8 to pick up the rental car. That’s it in the picture. Now look closely because the next time I post, hopefully tomorrow (maybe later, depending on how good the post set-up cocktail party is), you are going to see a picture of our booth and say to yourself “WOW! how did they fit all THAT in a Jeep Liberty?”

Good question. I’m still not sure. Phil is a god. Suffice it to say that there are Fobots stuffed into every conceivable nook and cranny of that vehicle. The glove compartment has a Fobot or two in it. I’m kidding about the glove compartment, but not by much. This car is packed so tight, you could slam on the breaks and NOTHING WOULD MOVE. Which we put to the test during rush hour traffic in DC. Note to self–do NOT drive through Washington DC between 4 and 7. Ever.

But we’ve arrived safely, and the adrenalin rush that has been sustaining me for the last week has started to wear off, aided by a bottle of really good tequila. I really must crash now. Stay tuned–more updates to come.

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February 2009

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