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Seven things you didn’t know about me

trebekI was dragged into the blogging world kicking and screaming by my friend, Lisa Stewart, who has insisted that I share with the world seven things you don’t know about me.  Lisa, this is for you, and you can stop nagging now, I’m #@**?! blogging already;

1.  I was on Jeopardy.  Yes the TV show.  And I would be a rich woman today, if only I had known what name was missing from this list; Rossweisse, Ortlinde, Siegrune, Grimgerde, Helmwige, Gerhilde, Waltraute, and Schwertleite.  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

2. My adopted hometown of Raleigh, NC, had a public art project called the “Red Wolf Ramble”, in which artists decorated dozens of larger than life fiberglass wolves.  My wolf featured a window into the wolf’s hollow stomach, where Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma resided.  If you turned a crank the wolf’s side, she beat her fists on the wolf’s back in a vain attempt to escape.  And if you pressed a button, she’d grumble “Little Red?  Get me OUTTA here!  I MEAN it!   Ehhh, what are YOU lookin’ at?…”

3.  When I was living in London, Prince Charles once mistook me for someone he knew.  No, really.  It was at a recital at the Royal Academy of Music, I think.

4.  While we’re on the subject of brushes with fame, Bruce Dickinson, of the band “Iron Maiden”, ate chili in my flat.  We had this connection with the London Thames Fencing Club…

5.  Because art is such a solitary pursuit, I get my social kicks by acting in local theatre productions.  In my second to last show, I played a crazy person who occasionally crawled around on all fours, barking like a dog.  And in my last show, I played an elderly rabbi, a bewildered Mormon mother, a male doctor, Ethel Rosenberg, and the World’s Oldest Living Bolshevik.

6. I used to illustrate children’s books.  One of them, “The Teeny Tiny Farm”, was so sickly sweet (“On the teeny tiny farm, there are teeny tiny plows, and teeny tiny tractors pulling teeny tiny plows…”) that it forced me to write a parody.  “In the itty bitty city there are itty bitty cars, and itty bitty hookers outside itty bitty bars…”  It was, of course never published.

7.  I do NOT like what passes for barbecue in these parts.  There, I said it.  I realize these are fighting words, and could get me thrown out of the state of North Carolina, but I don’t care.  Vinegar and pork are not an appetizing combination.


Fobot Christmas Cards!

santabotIt is with great pleasure that I can now announce that Paper Magic Group will be featuring the Fobots on a line of Christmas cards–2009 at the earliest, but probably 2010.

Funny how things happen.  I’ve been so happy making robots lately, I haven’t given much thought to greeting cards, my bread and butter for the last 25 years.  So when I showed my latest creations to Margie King, Paper Magic Group art director, I wasn’t thinking “Hey! Gimme some work!”   It was more like “Here’s why I haven’t been painting lately, and why I’m so much happier!”  (Note to self–good motto for new business; Making new friends, one piece of junk at a time”).

And much to my surprise, the lovely and talented Margie said “These are great!  Can you make me some Christmas Fobots for cards?”.  And once again, I’m back in the greeting card biz.

There are four so far–an angel, some carolers, a reindeer, and, my favorite, Santabot.  Looking for a likely Santa body and finding that wonderful Hy-Klas coffee can on Ebay made me smile for days.  Could it be more perfect?  And after a week of searching for the perfect Santa head, finding that meter (you can’t see it, but the needle goes from red:bad, to green:good) put me into a state of ecstacy for the rest of the week.  The cherry on top–FINALLY realizing that just the right padlock would make a great beard.  Aaaaaah, sweet.  Life is good again.

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