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Found Object Rorschach Test

The #1 question we get asked at art fairs is, “where do you find all your junk?”   A close second is “What goes on in your head?”, but since THAT’s a question for another day, a team of experts and/or a bottle of tequila, we’ll concentrate on #1. 

Where do we get the good junk?  Well, my favorite places are flea markets (a topic already covered in a previous post) and outdoor antique festivals.  I say outdoor, because the indoor ones are usually full of prissy, expensive things.  You rarely find a crate of yummy rusted lamp parts at an indoor antique show.  To give you an example, this week we visited the bi-annual Liberty Antiques Festival in Liberty, NC.  And while the pickings were slimmer than I would have hoped for, we did come away with a bag full of decicious junk.What you’re looking at here is a pretty typical haul from one of our treasure hunts.  And while is may look like a pile of crap to most people, to me it looks like 3 bodies, 13 feet, 3 heads, a bumblebee wing,assorted bling, an arm, 3 devil’s pitchforks, 2 legs, 3 hats, 2 collars, 4 boobs, and something I only got because it came with something I really wanted and which I’ll probably give away.  Care to guess which is which?  If you can, you’ll have gone a long way towards figuring out question #2.

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