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Are You Sitting Down?

No, seriously–are you sitting down?  Find a chair.  I’ll wait.

OK, you are not going to freaking believe this.  I know I didn’t believe it when I first got the email from the assistant set decorator of “Ugly Betty”, asking if they could use some of the Fobots for set decoration.  Yes, that’s right, the Fobots are gonna be on the TV!   Here’s what happened…

As many of you may know, several of my robots were featured in the November “Anthropologie” catalog.  Apparently, they caught the eye of the set decoration team for “Ugly Betty”, who emailed to ask if they could rent some for one episode, to line the shelves of “The Tube” (see picture).  But shortly after the initial excitement, the doubts took over.  No way, I thought–someone is messing with me.  My friends, knowing how much I like this show, are pulling my leg, or worse–someone is trying to get me to send them a bunch of Fobots for free by claiming to be connected to Ugly Betty.  But if this is a scam, it’s INCREDIBLY well-organized, with phone numbers, tax forms, releases and everything. 

So, some time in December, I’ll be driving up to the studios in New York where Ugly Betty is filmed, and delivering the bots in person.  They’re going to be stars–or at least background extras.  Soon they’ll be demanding their own trailer, final script approval, and bowls of mixed nuts and bolts with all the 1/4-20 nuts picked out…

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